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Really Useful Herbal Websites

A quick note about these – taking health advice from a website is always risky business, and there is plenty of misinformation out there as well as correct information that really should come with a ‘don’t try this at home’ disclaimer! If you are ill it is best to seek professional support.

If you have any other websites you find really useful, get in contact here to get them added.

Expert Herbal Search

Here is a really great selective Google search engine from Paul Bergner. It only searches high-quality non-commercial professional and academic herbal sites (including some of the sites listed below).

The Plants for a Future Database

Plants for a Future

An online searchable database of over 7000 plants giving medicinal, edible and other uses for each, and growing conditions with some growing instructions. It is an amazing collection of data, and if you can’t find the uses of a (Western) plant there, you are unlikely to find it anywhere! It is useful to bear in mind however that this is a collection of information from many different sources that, well being referenced, may draw on sources of information that are not reliable.


An excellent place to search for the latest research on plants (if you are familiar with the terminology of scientific abstracts and papers). Just type in the name of the plant to find out all the studies done. To narrow it down to just clinical trials there is an option on the left under ‘Article Types’.

Green Med Info

header_greenmedinfo_main_01A long list of natural substances including many herbs with abstracts of the research that has been done on each. It may be simpler to use than PubMed (above), though for the latest research you might with to look at PubMed.

David Hoffmann’s Materia Medica (herbs) on

A more modern herbal than the one listed below (despite its name), that draws on both older herbals, current usage, and modern research.

A Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve Online

A Modern Herbal OnlineA really extensive Herbal covering over 800 plants giving tradition medicinal uses, culinary uses and folklore. Unfortunately not so modern anymore (it was published in 1931), so not up-to-date with modern research, current usage and terminology, but a very useful text in other ways.

North America Institute of Medical Herbalism

This site has many in-depth articles on aspects of herbs and of herbal therapeutics.

Master Herbal Article Index

A huge wealth of articles on many aspects of herbal medicine from many different authors collected together by Jim Macdonald.

Henriette’s Herbal

This contains a lot of old herbal texts, as well as several other useful resources.

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine

This contains several herbal texts – a few newer ones by Michael Moore, as well as older ones. It also contains many plant photos.